Meet The Women Who Fought Bravely To Abolish Triple Talaq


Supreme Court on Tuesday in a landmark judgment banned the Islamic practice of triple talaq. The case was being heard by five judges all belonging to different faiths. Three of the five judges termed the practice as unconstitutional which devoid the affected women of their fundamental rights. The Parliament will have six months to formulate a new law to replace the archaic law. While people across the nation rejoice the decision, it is important to give credit to these women who bravely fought against all the odds to abolish triple talaq.

Shayara Bano – Divorced by talaq-Nama

Shayara Bano is a 35-years-old mother of two who received a talaq-Nama when she was visiting her mother’s place for medical treatment.  Her husband of 15 years switched off his phone and did not even talk to her, as reported by BBC. With no options left, Bano filed a case in Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of section 2 of Muslim Personal Law.

After the verdict, she said, “This is a huge moment. Now, Muslim women cannot be turned out of the house at someone’s whims and fancies.”

Atiya Sabri – Divorced via a piece of Paper

Atiya was being harassed by her in-laws for a dowry of Rs 25 lakhs. Fed up of the continuous ordeal, the mother of two, filed a complaint in Mahila Thana in Saharanpur. She had alleged that she was being tortured for giving birth to two daughters. She maintained that she was never contacted before the talaq and hence was unacceptable.  Atiya too appealed to declare triple talaq unconstitutional.

Gulshan Parveen – Divorced by submitting a letter

Gulshan Parveen holds a Masters in English and a respectable job at a private school. After marrying someone who was less educated than her, she was physically beaten and sent back to her mother’s home often. She was once even beaten with a rod. When she approached the police, her husband submitted a letter stating he had given Parveen instant talaq. She knocked on the Supreme Court’s door to restore her conjugal rights.

There are several similar triple talaq cases and various untold stories of women who fought for their rights against all the odds. Today, the Supreme Court of India has assured that no Muslim women will ever be told to leave her house by using the archaic law of triple talaq. Well, the fight is not over as complete victory will be achieved only when a powerful law will be passed in the Parliament.

[Featured Image by Rosscains photography/ Pixabay]