A Row Over Rahul Gandhi’s Religion Marks A New Low In Indian Politics, Are All Relevant Issues Already Solved?


Rahul Gandhi has made waves time and again during his recent campaign in Gujarat. This time around, he is amid an unexpected controversy involving his religion. Mr. Gandhi visited the Somnath temple on Wednesday, and soon an image emerged that showed his name in the register maintained at the Somnath temple.

Non-Hindu pilgrims are required to enter their name in the register before entering the Somnath temple, as reported by The Times of India. It is apparently evident that Rahul Gandhi would not write his name in the register and the error may have been committed by a party worker. While this seems like a trivial matter, the amount of traction the story has received is unbelievable.

While BJP demanded that Rahul declare his religion, the Congress termed this as BJP conspiracy and proclaimed that Rahul was a devout Brahmin. While there is serious doubt over Rahul Gandhi’s religion considering that he was born in a Parsi family with a Catholic mother and his outlook towards Hindus in the past has been outright preposterous.

Rahul is credited with making bizarre statements even to the extent of saying that people go to temples to misbehave with women. His sudden transformation as ‘Shiv Bhakt’ and the grand tour of temples raises suspicion over his motives, but which religion he follows is nobody’s business.

While on the one hand, every political party propagates rising above religion, this controversy clearly suggests otherwise. One of the other relevant reasons for the controversy is the statements made by Jawaharlal Nehru in the past. Notably, he was a not in support of rebuilding Somnath temple destroyed by Mughal invaders.

Is Rahul Gandhi unnecessarily being drawn into a controversy? Alternatively, Did Congress plan this faux pas? Or is a genuine error being blown out of proportion? Well, the truth is unlikely to come out. Meanwhile, grab your popcorn and enjoy the totally useless political controversy play on your prime time television.

The UBR View: We believe the religion followed by Rahul Gandhi is irrelevant. Rather than him trying hard to be Hindu, he should try to be formidable opposition. People of India are more interested in real questions being raised in the parliament and outside it, not the religion of a dynastic leader.