Since Politicians Think Selling Pakodas Is Demeaning, Here Is A List Of People Who Make Best Pakodas In The Country


Indian politics nowadays springs some uncanny discussion for the masses. While people across the country are worried about rising fuel prices, there is considerable discussion about Pakoda sellers. It all started when PM Narendra Modi said during his Zee TV interview that if a person selling Pakoda makes Rs 200 at the end of the day, it should not amount to employment.

As expected, the remark evoked responses from several sections of the political fraternity. However, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram took the comment to a different plain when he said that if pakoda selling is a job then so is begging. While his intentions may have been otherwise, the comment at face value, equated pakoda selling to begging.

While we can also go into statistics and politics of it, but for the love of good old pakodas, let us throw some positive light on the business of selling pakodas. For those equating pakoda selling to begging, we request your special attention. Let us look at places where one can eat the best pakodas in India.

Khandani Pakode Wale, Delhi

Let’s start with a renowned place in Delhi, so next time when the Parliament is adjourned because someone created a ruckus or staged a walkout, politicians can head to this iconic place situated next to Sarojini Nagar Ring Road Market. The eatery was started in 1962 by the grandfather of the current owner. Khandani Pakode Wale serves about 11 varieties of pakodas at very affordable rates. The aroma of frying pakodas is sufficient for any food aficionado to know that pakoda selling is not begging.

Pakode Ki Dukan, Delhi

As the name suggests, this place is a shop selling pakodas. Located in Netaji Subhash Market, Karol Bagh, Pakode Ki Dukan is heaven for foodies. This place is known for serving a whole lot of varieties of pakodas. From the obvious Aloo pakoda to the uncanny Brinjal pakodas, this shop offers it all. With very competitive rates, patrons frequent this place for some finger-licking pakodas.

Mukhoruchi, Kolkata

Pakodas are known as Telebhajas in Bengali. Mukhoruchi is a pakoda seller on the GLT road run by the fifth generation owner. Legend has it that this place has served to Ramakrishna. The place which is vegetarian only serves a range of telebhajas all priced at affordable costs. The current owner Dulal Shaw takes pride in serving the same mouthwatering pakodas for a rate fit for a common man.

Indy Hop, Bangalore

Not just the small pakoda sellers, India is home to entrepreneurs who sell pakodas. Yes, we do hope politicians don’t equate entrepreneurship to begging. Perhaps, our politicians can learn from the Indy Hop team who is dedicated to putting the Indian Snack on the world map with their hygienic take of the Indian dish.

Soam, Mumbai

Technically, Soam is not just a pakoda seller but a full-fledged restaurant dedicated to Indian, especially, Gujarati dishes. Every monsoon, Soam runs a pakoda and chai menu where one can indulge in some unbelievable variants of pakodas. You can pick from at least ten types of pakodas including the likes of pineapple pakodas.

Equating pakoda selling with begging is not something one would expect from a former finance minister. Maybe his intentions were in the right place this time, but his choice of words was poor.

The UBR View: We do agree that selling pakodas is a form of self-employment, but it is certainly not a job and definitely not all pakoda sellers make a fortune from it. On the other hand, PM Modi was right too, Government cannot offer public sector jobs to everyone. Self-employment should be encouraged to make the economy more sustainable. Perhaps, just poor choice of words on both sides resulted in such nontraditional discussion. Meanwhile, keep enjoying the pakodas!!!