Maharashtra Caste Clash: Right or Left, Who Instigated The Violence & Who Will End Up Suffering The Most?


Indian politics has always revolved around religion and caste with people easily falling prey to the political propaganda. However, over the years the focus had slowly shifted to more relevant problems such as development, hunger index, malnourishment, saving girl child, etc. The politicians were seen talking about these essential topics rather than petty caste or religion based politics. However, things have suddenly started going downhill with caste-based politics making a strong comeback.

It all started with the Gujarat elections where Congress found a new strategy of soft Hindutva. This ensured that they do not compromise on their traditional vote bank and also gain the support of certain sections of Hindu voters. To achieve this, besides the Temple run undertaken by Rahul Gandhi, the party decided to the age-old divide and rule policy by further instigating the Patel reservation movement. As surprising as it may sound, the strategy paid well, and Congress bagged in more seats in BJP’s bastion.

Having tasted success once, it appears that the caste-based politics will now be applied to the entire country to divide and gain Hindu votes. Maharashtra which has never seen any major caste based clashes since 1990 was brought to a standstill on Tuesday. The reason for the conflict can be traced back to Pune.

A day earlier, the Dalits in Pune were celebrating the bicentenary anniversary of the Bhima Koregaon battle. The event is celebrated every year ever since Dr Ambedkar visited the site. There have been no major incidents reported until yesterday. The question arises that why all of sudden an event that has never been the reason for any problems turned into law and order situation.

Prakash Ambedkar, the grandson of Dr B. R. Ambedkar, has accused the right-wing leader belonging to the Hindu Ekta Aghadi and Shivraj Pratishthan of provoking the local villagers to attack the Dalits. On the other hand, a video of the so-called Dalit leader, Jinesh Mevani instigating people to take the fight to the streets has emerged.

The presence of the JNU and anti-India leader, Umar Khalid at the event further raises serious questions. Notably, Mevani is a Rahul aide and a Congress ally. The CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis has announced a judicial probe by a seating Judge to find the real perpetrators who have destabilised Maharashtra.

To make matters worse, Prakash Ambedkar had called for a Maharashtra Bandh, which again apart from being unconstitutional, also causes severe problems to the common people. As of writing this, schools, internet services, local transport, etc. were affected in several parts of Maharashtra. So, amid all this right or left political propaganda driven to garner some votes, the common man will suffer as always.