Did Rahul Gandhi Gave Backdoor Support To The ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ Causing Massive Unrest in Maharashtra?


The Indian politics has taken an unfortunate turn in the past few days. The violence at the Koregaon Bhima rally in Pune and the following riots across Maharashtra hint at the return of caste-based politics. While playing the caste or religion card is nothing new, the level of planning and violence in Mumbai was shocking. An unverified video which shows rioters chanting ‘Azaadi, and Bharat ki Barbadi’ slogans has also surfaced. Was this a genuine protest or there was some backdoor planning to reap political benefits?

Jignesh Mevani, the self-proclaimed Dalit leader who had gone into hiding after FIRs were filed against him, resurfaced in Delhi today. He was organizing a press conference at the Press Club of India. As it turns out, Rahul Gandhi’s close aide, Alankar Sawai was also seen at the same venue. He was questioned by a journalist on Congress and Rahul Gandhi’s alleged role in fanning the flames of Dalit protest. What occurred next was one of the most bizarre run ever captured on camera. For good three minutes, Alankar Sawai evaded the reporter wherein at one point he was actually running away from the reporter.

Alankar Sawai organizes logistics and carries out background planning for Rahul Gandhi’s events. His presence at the same venue at nearly the same time when Jignesh Mevani was about to give a press briefing does raise some grave suspicion. During the press conference, Mevani launched multiple attacks on PM Narendra Modi questioning him to speak up against attacks on Dalits. Further, he also announced a rally on January 9 in Delhi.

Jignesh Mevani has been accused of making inflammatory speeches in Pune that lead to the escalation of the situation. A video had emerged wherein he was seen addressing the public and urging them to take the fight to the streets. The very next day, property worth lakhs was destroyed during the so-called Dalit protest.

SENSATIONAL: Rahul Gandhi’s Man Runs When Questioned About Jignesh Mevani

SENSATIONAL: Rahul Gandhi’s Man Runs When Questioned About Jignesh Mevani

Posted by Republic on Friday, 5 January 2018

Is Congress taking the soft-Hindutva stand while dividing Hindus further in the name of Caste? Do you think Jignesh Mevani has backdoor support from Rahul Gandhi and Congress? Let us know your views in the comments section below.