Fact Checking: Has Modi Government Passed A Bill That Gives Woman The Right To Kill Rapist? [Debunked]


In the light of recent unfortunate rape incidents, a message is being widely circulated on WhatsApp which claims that Modi Government has passed a bill under Indian Penal Court 233 allowing women to kill the man who raped her. We did some research to find out the authenticity of this message.

This is a false message circulating on social media since the Nirbhaya case in 2012. The fake message has been called out in the past as well. While the Indian law does give every citizen the right to self-defence, it does not allow anyone to kill as a punishment. The false message states that this new law under IPC 233 will allow a woman to kill their rapists.

The section IPC 233 deals with punishment for manufacturing and selling machines used for counterfeiting coins. IPC 233 does not deal with crimes related to rape. There are no such provisions as claimed in the message.

While the Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has suggested the need to introduce the death penalty for rape of children, it has not been passed it. Even if it is passed, the bill will also not allow revenge punishment by the victim.

We also checked the bills that were passed in the last session of Parliament. Sadly, out of the 72 bills that were supposed to be passed, only 4 were cleared. This was mainly because parliament was adjourned time and again due to the ruckus created by the opposition. Out of 4 bills that were passed, none were pertaining to women or child safety.

So no, Modi government has not passed any such bill that will allow a woman to kill rapists. It is a fake message which is being circulated on the social media. Follow The Unbiased Reporter on Facebook & Twitter to stay updated with the most unbiased news.