You May Never Visit Goa Again If This Minister Has His Way, Indian Tourists Not Required In Goa?


Goa is one of the most visited tourist destination in India by both Indian as well as International travellers. It might not be surprising if you are already planning your next Goa trip at this very moment. Well, we suggest that you might want to slow down on your expectations. If a minister in the Manohar Parrikar Government has his way, you might not want to visit Goa ever again.

Vijay Sardesai, The Town and Country Planning Minister recently said that Goa should be made so expensive that Indian tourists are discouraged from visiting the coastal state. He wants the focus to be more on the quality rather than quantity of the tourists. He further added,

“We should seek ways to discourage domestic tourists who come in buses and do not contribute to the state’s economy.”

The minister was responding to a question on travellers coming on tight-budget during the New Year week. He suggested providing high-end facilities and get high-end tourism to benefit sons of the soil. He wants to make Goa not worth visiting for Indian tourists.

Earlier Governments have always focussed on increasing the footfall of tourists. The state attracts six-million tourists every year which consists of half million foreign tourists. Technically speaking, the minister is right if we look at the numbers. The average per person expense by international tourist is Rs 87,000 while the same for an Indian tourist is Rs 31,500.

The UBR View: While numbers may back the decision, suggesting ways to make it difficult for Indian people to visit a place in India seems outright bizarre. Perhaps, International travellers spending more than the Indian counterparts could be the case across all tourist destinations in India. So, should every state develop ideas to stop the inflow of Indian tourists?