Muslim Husband Post’s Hindu Wife’s Nude Photos After She Refused To Convert To Islam, Clear Case of Love Jihad?

Love Jihad panchkula Haryana

A shocking case of possible love Jihad has emerged from the Panchkula district of Haryana. A Hindu wife was being forced to convert to Islam after her marriage to a Muslim Husband. On her constant refusal, the husband along with his friends posted nude photos of the wife online.

It is being reported that she was constantly pressurised to embrace Islam and give up Hindu religion. The determined and brave girl refused to give in to the constant pressure. She was even threatened with Talaq by the Muslim husband.

Finally, the husband along with his friends posted the nude pictures of the girl on social media. The police have already arrested one accused in the case. The tenure of the marriage is not yet known. The Haryana police added that they had not received any complaint about forced conversion yet.

This is not an isolated incident of love jihad. It has been a growing menace in the Indian society. There is allegedly a rate card with the amount of money that husband will receive for converting girls of other religion into Islam.

Several cases of Love Jihad have emerged in the past few years. Last year, a Mumbai based model had accused her husband of assault and forcing her to convert to Islam. Later, the husband left her and married a Hindu girl half her age as per the reports.

The UBR View: There are no second thoughts that Government or any agencies have no business in deciding who one can love and marry. However, we need stringent laws to prevent forced conversions and marriages that are done with the aim of converting the other person.