A Dalit Family Beaten In Haryana For Not Converting To Islam, Where Exactly Are The Dalit Leaders Now?


The forced conversions of low-income Hindus have been a cause of concern in several parts of India. While several organizations have raised serious questions about love-jihad and forced conversion, the problem remains ignored.

In the most recent incidence, a Dalit family in Mewat region of Haryana was beaten for refusing to convert to Islam. The village named Mohlaka were the incident occurred is a Muslim majority village. The village has only seven families that are Dalit out of the total population of 3,000.

The Dalit family was being pressured to convert to Islam. Since the family did not relent, they were beaten with iron rods and sticks. The Dalit family was also allegedly abused verbally with casteist slur.

The victim lodged an FIR against five accused named Islam, Taufiq, Mossim, Ataru, and Asmina. The local police officer had confirmed the report and assured that the accused would be arrested soon. Notably, this is not the first case of forced conversion in the Haryana region.

Earlier, a school teacher in Mewat was accused of forcing students to pray. Cases of forced conversions of low-income families have also come to light in the past from the regions such as Padla Shahpur, Bhakshogi, and Kulharda.

It is worth noting that none of the so-called champions of Dalit cause has spoken against the incident. While the left-liberals and the newbies like Jignesh Mevani are the first to grab any opportunity to garner Dalit votes, it appears the involvement of Muslims on the other end is preventing them from interfering and perhaps, harming their electoral chances.

The UBR Views: Not so long ago, the likes of Jignesh Mevani and others were part of the Dalit rally in Maharashtra which resulted in riot-like situations. The young politician who is so keen on questioning Narendra Modi should perhaps himself speak on such issues. Otherwise, it would be not long before people will see through their double-standards employed to get both Dalit and Muslim votes.