Should APJ Kalam’s Birthday be Celebrated as Children’s Day?


November 14 is celebrated as Children’s day all across India, primarily because it is the birthday of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It is believed that Pandit Nehru was very close to kids and hence his birthday is celebrated as Children’s day. However, if we try to look at his policies and the way he administered our country, we might have to relook the entire charade.

He always focused on the ‘divide and rule’ policy which was used by British rulers to remain in power. His long-term vision of independent India was so poor that entire country remained in poverty even years after independence. On the one hand, he used to say that ‘children of today are the pillars of tomorrow’ and on the other hand, he was himself responsible for creating policies that were catastrophic for the country.

It is worth noting that he is the only leader in the world history who stopped a war his country was winning and went to UN for their intervention. While it may not have been proved, there have been several reports claiming that Jawaharlal Nehru denied permanent Security Council seat in the UN. Without getting into any debate, no one can deny there are a few mistakes committed by Nehru.

On the other contrary, if we talk about APJ Abdul Kalam sir, there is not an iota of wrongdoing that anyone can find against him. He did so much for our country, especially for the youth of the country. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest scientist, loving teacher, and of course an inspiring visionary. When it came to the education of the children, no sovereign boundaries could stop APJ Abdul Kalam. Whether the children used to be from India or from anywhere else from over the world, he had equal love and concern for all.

Kalam sir created many foundations to impart education to all the poor children of the world. He never used to keep his salary for the personal use and would donate it all the for the poor and the needy. His dream was to make the world strong with the rising stars, i.e., the kids of the world. Therefore, instead of celebrating Children’s day on the birthday of Nehru who may have taken questionable decisions and committed grave errors, we should celebrate it on the birthday of our great leader APJ Abdul Kalam who had nothing but love for children and the nation.

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This is an opinion post shared by our reader Shabaz. The article does not reflect the views of ‘The Unbiased Reporter.’