About Us

The Unbiased Reporter’s Mission

We, at The UBR, strive to provide quality new articles and make them accessible to readers worldwide. Over the past few years, the traditional news media has become opinionated and biased. We hope to share unbiased news reports that give our readers a genuine insight into the events.  We believe that providing the information in an unbiased manner will allow us to expand our reader base.

Our Vision

Media is known as the fourth pillar of democracy, but ordinary people are never a part of this fourth pillar. We believe that there is a need for it to change. With The Unbiased Reporter, you have the freedom to share your opinion, your own stories, and any news story that you may have. Please note, for any news story shared by a user, we need sufficient proof before we can publish it.

What is agenda of The Unbiased Reporter?

We want to cut the noise and sensationalism from the news. We don’t intend to go back to the 1990s era of news reporting, but there is a need for someone to call ‘a spade a spade.’ We don’t believe in being politically correct, we believe in reporting the truth as it is without twisting the facts.

Why is The Unbiased Reporter different?

We are a news aggregator, and we do in-depth research to bring you the complete story. We verify every story from multiple sources before bringing it before you. Our articles will ensure that you do not have to rely on multiple sites to know the entire story. We aim to bring the power to you. With The Unbiased Reporter, you can share your opinions and get a chance to go viral.